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When it comes to customer service, we’re obsessive. Having heard from thousands of Philadelphians let down[1] by Big Wire for the last time (you probably won’t be surprised to learn that large cable and internet companies have the worst customer satisfaction scores in the country)[2], PhillyWisper’s customer service philosophy is simple: whatever the big guys do, we do the opposite.


What does that mean? It’s simple. When you email us, we respond. When you call, we answer. A real person, in Philly, ready to help. If there’s problem on our end, we work to resolve it asap. If there’s a problem that’s outside of our control…we work to resolve it asap.


Our goal is to bring you high-speed, hassle-free internet, and we approach every email, phone call, and service visit with that in mind. 


Every ISP has occasional bumps in the roads. However, unlike most ISPs, when we have an issue, we communicate.[3] And so do our customers:


“[Y]ou get a level of service you would NEVER get anywhere else.


I just had my first connection issue after having the service for over a year (this was not their fault, it was due to some construction near my house) and I called at 11am, had two employees at my house by 5pm, and it is now 5:30 and I’m back online. Any other company and I would have been waiting a week. Especially in these work from home times i cant recommend them highly enough!” – KC, Google Reviews


“Couldn’t be happier with my service from PhillyWisper. The speed is consistently higher than the minimum they guarantee[.]


With [my last ISP] I spent more money for much worse service, and that money was being used to lobby for things I hate like ending net neutrality and bad labor practices. They are super responsive if I ever have a question, it’s hard to believe they get so much done with such a small team. ” – Dave E., Yelp


Philly Wisper is absolutely worth it. They were prompt, transparent, honest, professional, fast, and fun. After one month service has never experienced any issues at all. PW is reasonably priced, easy to deal with, and has the ethics you want when it comes to internet use. Happy to support a Philly start up!” Rich R., Facebook


[1] https://www.techdirt.com/2019/06/17/shockingly-cable-tv-broadband-customer-satisfaction-is-still-worst-america/


[2] https://potsandpansbyccg.com/2019/06/12/big-isp-customer-service-still-at-the-bottom/?mc_cid=70fea6738c&mc_eid=853116fcd0


[3] https://dangerouslyawesome.com/2016/05/what-its-like-to-have-an-internet-provider-that-actually-cares/



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