Cut the Cord.

Just Say No to Big Wire™

PhillyWisper: a Reliable, Fast, Responsive and
Affordable Internet Service Provider



25 Mbps (or better!) up AND down



Latest fixed-wireless technology



Great local customer service


Just $50/mo
NO annual contract or caps

Service & Pricing

  • Just internet – no phone or TV
  • No annual contract, no data caps, and no hidden fees
  • How do we do it? We deliver our blazing fast internet with the latest fixed wireless technology – we’ll just need clear line of sight from your roof to our towers.
  • Private! – PhillyWisper will NEVER sell or share your personal data or browsing history
  • We support and implement Net Neutrality. Always have, always will!

$50 / month

  • 25 Mbps up & down (minimum)
  • $200 installation fee, includes first month free
  • Refer a friend bonus – one month free for every referral

$100 / month

  • 50 Mbps up & down (minimum)
  • $300 installation fee, includes first month free
  • Employees get discount for residential installation

About Us

Hi, we’d like to introduce ourselves – We’re an East Kensington startup (yes, really) dedicated to bringing a Better Internet to all of Philadelphia – one neighborhood at a time. If you’re like us and you’re ready to Cut the Cord and Say No to Big Wire, we’d like to offer you a Better, Faster, Cheaper, Responsive internet service.


The customer service and internet service are both amazing. They went out of their way to schedule an installation time that worked for us and when our previous co-axial router proved incompatible, they loaned us one until a new one could be delivered. And…yes, telling the cable company we were going with a third option was extremely enjoyable.


I love PhillyWisper. Everything is terrific and they had exactly what I wanted, too (just Internet. No bundles, thank you). Imagine getting personalized emails from your provider asking how everything is? The customer service alone is enough to earn my praise but my Internet also works seamlessly! Not to mention, it’s so thrilling not giving the cable company my money anymore. Highly, highly recommended!

Anne has been an absolute game-changer for Indy Hall, where hundreds of people rely on our internet connection every day. Reliability, speed, the best customer support I’ve ever gotten. A+++

Alex Hillman, IndyHall

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